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Bar + Party

Wine Wiener

Get ready to meat your new favorite bar accessory – Wine Weiner! This hilarious hot dog wine stopper is, quite frankly, the funnest way to keep your wine fresh. Constructed from pure food-grade silicone and measures about 3.5" tall.

Pasta Party

Add a clever twist to your next celebration with Pasta Party. These quirky candles, crafted to look like 6 classic pasta shapes, are sure to add a deliciously fun touch to any event.

Tie One On

Bring a little coquette to cocktail hour with Tie One On drink markers. These adorable bow wine charms effortlessly cling to stemware, ensuring no mix-ups at your next soirée. Each set features 6 silicone bows, perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your wine.


Let your guests forage for snacks in style with Munchrooms. These mushroom-shaped party picks add an enchanting touch to your table and are sure to sprout smiles. Set of 12 reusable picks made of food-safe PP plastic.

Hot & Fresh

Charmingly cheesy, Hot & Fresh pizza coasters are the supreme way to keep your table tidy. After all, stains can be a real pizza work. Constructed of durable MDF and cork, and packed in an authentic-looking mini pizza box. Set of 4 pizza styles to suit every taste.

Fruit Cocktail

Add a twist to your next drink with Fruit Cocktail drink markers. If you ever struggle to remember which glass is yours, these will be your new zest friend. Each set includes 6 citrus-inspired wedges constructed from food-safe, BPA-free silicone.



Don’t make a move without consulting Fred’s Wonderball, the mystical mirrorball! Simply give it a shimmy and shake, and watch as one of 20 funky fortunes appear. It’s your disco diviner for all of life’s twists and turns.


Dragon's Breath

Introducing Dragon’s Breath—a microwave steam cleaner of mythical proportions! Simply fill him with 2 ounces each of water and vinegar, zap for 5 to 7 minutes (your microwave may vary), and watch him magically loosen grease and grime that easily wipes clean.

Chip Kickers

Yeehaw! Fred’s Chip Kickers are the rootin'-tootin' solution to keep all yer snacks fresh. Set includes 4 cowboy boot bag clips constructed from durable ABS plastic with stainless steel springs and packed on a peggable backer card.

Fish N' Clips

Get hooked on fresh snacks with Fish ‘N Clips! These sardine-styled bag clips are the perfect catch for any kitchen. Double-sided with a shimmering iridescent finish and constructed of sturdy ABS plastic with stainless steel springs. Set of 4.

Boogie Bites

There’s a party in your pantry when you use Boogie Bites! These disco ball-styled bag clips keep your treats fresh, never funky. Set of 4 spring-loaded bag clips, constructed from durable ABS plastic with metallic graphics.

Bag Ladies

Looking for that spot-on solution for snack storage? Bag Ladies are charming ladybug bag clips that not only keep your goodies fresh, but also add a dose of cuteness to your kitchen. Set of 4 spring-loaded bag clips, constructed from durable ABS plastic

Cleaning Ladies

Fred’s Cleaning Ladies sponges bring good luck and a touch of garden charm to all your tidying tasks. Their shiny, scrubby outer layer is gentle on cookware, but tough on grime. Hang them over your faucet by corded loops to dry. Set of two sponges.

Dishco Fever

Next time your dishes get funky, reach for Dishco Fever sponges and get down – and tidy! These sparkly, scouring sponges will have your kitchen shining brighter than a mirror ball on the dance floor. Hang them over your faucet by corded loops to dry (and display). Set of two sponges.

Daily Bread

Fred’s Daily Bread sponges are what every kitchen kneads. These crazy-cute kitchen sponges have three hardworking layers to scrub and lock in suds, so crust us, they’ll get the job done.

Feline Clean

Fred’s Feline Clean sponges are your new kitchen companions! These colorful, Day of the Dead-inspired cat-shaped sponges will have you feline festive as you whisker away your chores.


Sardine Erasers

Angling for accuracy? Fred’s Sardine Erasers are a reel catch. This set of 4 fish-shaped erasers add a splash of fun to your desk and ensure you’re never caught tangled in errors. Freshly-packed in a charming tin!


Gnome Brew

Add some woodland whimsy to teatime with Fred’s Gnome Brew. Simply remove his hat, fill him with your favorite loose leaf tea, and let the enchantment begin. This charming garden gnome is constructed from heat-resistant, BPA-free silicone that’s microwave and dishwasher safe.


Steep in serenity with Fred’s Capybarahhh tea infuser. This happy lil’ capy is ready to brew you the coziest cup of tea. Simply fill with your favorite loose leaf tea, hang on the rim of your cup, and watch your worries float away. Constructed of BPA-free silicone, it’s both microwave and dishwasher safe.

Spilt Milk

Designed to look like an accident frozen in time, Spilt Milk adds a splash of fun to your table. This clever cereal bowl is made from soft but durable silicone, so there’s no need to cry if junior drops it. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Packed with a colorful, cereal-inspired insert card.



Here’s a snappy new way to keep your hair looking sharp. Fred’s Repstyle comb and brush combo is a croc-inspired grooming tool that’s ready to tame even the wildest hair. Open its tooth-filled jaws to chomp through tangles, then snap it shut for easy storage.

Head in the Clouds

Elevate your hair routine with Fred’s Head in the Clouds folding comb and brush combo. This fun and functional design promises a shower of laughter and a spectrum of smiles. It’s the perfect travel companion, rain or shine, folding up neatly for on-the-go grooming.

Tub Sub

Set sail for bathtime fun with Tub Sub. This charming yellow submarine lights up in a kaleidoscope of colors when it touches water. Whether in a bath, pool, or water table, this floating toy is perfect for making waves of excitement.

Orca Munchtime

Add a splash of fun to any meal with Munchtime! This outstanding orca opens and closes its jaw every time you squeeze the kid-friendly chopsticks. They’re easy-to-use and whaley cool! Made of food-safe ABS.

Taste Buds

Have finicky feeders? Watch your kids lick their plates clean with Taste Buds. Perfectly-sized for little eaters, these unique chameleon utensils are sure to turn every meal into a playful adventure. Set of two, constructed from BPA-free silicone and PP plastic.


Special Delivery

Seal the deal with Fred’s Special Delivery packing tape. Ideal for shipping gifts or just for fun, these distinctive designs guarantee your packages arrive in style! Secure it, send it, and spread joy with 5 unique styles: Tinsel, String Lights, Hot Dog, Sprinkles, and Receipt  – each sold separately.